Planning a firm foundation for your GIS goals is our first priority. Building on over 15 years GIS consulting experience - in the US, UK and Norway - we can guide you through all aspects of GIS implementation and system review.


Build with the future in mind.


We can help you define a strategy for your GIS implementation, whether small scale or large, and ensure all aspects are reviewed, including: business engagement, defining standards and procedures and developing and deploying custom tools. A strong value proposition, a coherant business strategy and a clear and concise project execution plan are keys to your GIS success. 


Raising the profile of GIS in your business.


Having built, deployed and supported industry leading GIS applications in a wide variety of contexts, application development is the core of our business. From simple tools that improve business specific worklows to large, multifaceted and integrated application packages, we have the expertise to build any GIS tool you desire.


Building productivity into your business.